Meet This Girl Kate Durocher


On her background

I grew up in Michigan but moved  to Los Angeles to attended USC where I got  a degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism and a minor in Entertainment and Communication.

I've been in the hosting world since my sophomore year at USC where I ran a live entertainment news show. Since then, I've hosted for dozens of outlets such as ABC, InStyle Magazine, LA Weekly, AARP the Magazine... the list goes on. I also am an actress, model and writer. I've written for publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, E! Online, LA Weekly and AARP the Magazine. I've covered everything from pop culture to education to the food industry. Acting wise, I've appeared in many films and commercials, including Taco Bell and Flame Broiler.

On what she’s up to now

I'm currently a TV host and can be seen on Hollyscoop and Hollywire.

On what excites her most about what she does

I love my job because I'm constantly meeting  new people and tell their stories. It allows me to be creative and sometimes with hosting you're told what to say and what to do and it takes away your personality. But with what I'm doing for Holly Scoop, I'm allowed to be as sassy and opinionated and funny as I want to be.

On the most difficult aspect of her job

The hardest part of my job is how competitive it is - so many girls want to be the next Giuliana Rancic or Kelly Ripa. When I go to an audition, there are thirty other girls who look just like me and who also have great past experiences waiting to go in and audition. To stand out,  I always have to bring something unique to the table.

On a typical day in her life

My alarm goes off around 5:30/6 am every morning, then I get up and get camera ready and head off to one of my two hosting jobs. Once I'm there, I write 2-5 scripts, find all the videos and photos to go with the package, and then go into the studio and film the stand ups. After that, I usually go to one of my other jobs for the second half of the day and then attend an event at my church, Mosaic, most nights.

On who she is

A loyal and, adventerous achiever.

On a rule she tries to live by

To treat others with love regardless of how they treat me.  Love is the only thing that can change people.

On a woman that inspires her

My mentor, Suzanne Molloy . She is brave, fearless and gracious. She changed my life through her love, patience and belief in me. I am better person from knowing her.

On something she’d still love to learn

Many things! Scuba diving, Spanish, improv.

On the biggest challenge she’s encountered in her career so far

Deciding whether to pursue a full-time reporting or editing job, or continue down this uncertain path of y with hosting, as many hosting gigs are not full-time or stable.


On her hopes for the future

In five years, I hope to be hosting on a major network TV show. I would love to have my own morning talk show where I can create my own content.

On an accomplishment she’s proud of

Something that stands out the most to me is getting into USC. I come from a hometown where you're born there, you stay there, you go to college there, you get married there and have kids -  you never leave. So, when I decided that I didn't want that, I am proud that I had the courage to leave and go somewhere else to pursue my big dreams.

On the challenges women today face

Comparison and competition. Women need to better support each other, we are often our own worst enemies.

On the best piece of advice she ever received

Don't compare yourself to others.

On the worst piece of advice she ever received

Don't do more than one thing - don't be a jack of all trades. I think it's entirely possible for a woman to be successful at many things. Why should we ever limit ourselves?

Her advice to a girl on her way

Just keep going. It may seem daunting at first, but just keep learning and progressing. Everything will fall into place when the timing is right.

Photographed by Fiona Pestana in Los Angeles, September 2018.

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