Meet This Girl Chelsie Lee


On her background

I’m a Minnesota native - my childhood was full of exploring the woods, hunting and fishing. My summers were spent on the lake were the best and I did every water sport imaginable! My journey then took me to the University of Kansas where I studied business and anthropology. My family was shocked because none of us had ever ventured into the state of Kansas before. My early passion for getting off the grid led me to live in Peru, London and New York before I finally decided to settle down in Los Angeles, which is where I live now.

On what she’s currently up to

I’m proud to be the CEO of Shipsi! We are empowering the future of retail. Has anyone out there wanted something NOW? At Shipsi, we surely do!  Shipsi is providing every retailer with a way to give their consumers a “same-day shipping” option, so you can order something from pretty much anywhere and get it immediately.

On how she got to where she is today

I’ve gotten to where I am today by riding and embracing the wave! In regard to my career, I have to say that I’ve been incredibly fortunate. The universe seems to plant me in the all right places at all the right times. Before I started Shipsi, I had spent time coding, working in corporate retail and technology as well as building enterprise sales teams.

My first two jobs as a teenager were counting gun shells in my grandfather’s gun shop and pumping gas at a boat marina.

On the most exciting part of her job

What I love about Shipsi is that we are creating something entirely new that’s never been done before. We have created a model that fuels revenue for everyone involved.

On the most difficult part of her job

Prioritizing and juggling customers, partners, investors, mentors, events and the business itself. Can I get another cup of coffee yet?

On the biggest challenge she has encountered in her career so far

The biggest challenge for me personally has been raising venture capital. I’m actually writing a book on my experience and what really happens behind the scenes. Stay tuned…

On her morning routine from the moment her alarm sounds

It’s rare that my alarm wakes me - I have a solid internal clock. Once I’m up, here’s my routine:

1) Start the kettle

2) Jump in a hot shower (I’m recently obsessed w/ Le Labo Rose & Santal 26)

3) My phone rings ( good morning to the world’s greatest co-founder)

4) I do my hair and makeup

5) I make myself breakfast.

On a “typical” day in her life

5 am: My whole morning rotuine (mentioned above)

6 am: Real work time (I try to avoid answering texts, slack or email during this time)

11am: I put my game face on. I jump on calls, take my meetings and check-in with my team.

3 pm: Matcha or coffee break!

6 pm: Event stopbys.

9 pm: Teatime and good 10 minute read,

10pm: Off to sleep!

On a rule she lives by

Do everything at 110%. Half-assing something has never been an option for me.

On what inspires her

The unknown.

On how she recharges and resets

I’m bad at taking downtime for myself. I used to teach yoga, but I don’t have time for that in my schedule these days.

I go for a walk by myself every Sunday evening down to the pier in Santa Monica. I also treat myself (and my exec team) to a massage every quarter.

On the women that inspire her

My mother and grandmother have always been huge sources of inspiration for me.

My mother has contagious charisma and always does the right thing. My grandmother is one of the smartest women I have ever met. She has a unique way of posing and asking the hard questions that lead me to verifying my gut instincts.

On where you can find her 5 years from now

I’ll be in LA, unless Shipsi is focusing on an international expansion. I’ll go anywhere as long as it’s somewhere I’ve never been or if there’s a big opportunity awaiting.

I hope to be giving back some of the incredible mentorships I’ve received over the years. I also wouldn’t mind finding (and hopefully living with) my human. Having a (big) dog would be nice too.

On how she stays motivated

By emerssing myself in new experiences and traveling. I love diving into a new culture or learning or experiencing something entirely new for the first time. It’s incredible how much we can grow when we choose to step even a little bit outside of our comfort zone.

On an accomplishment she’s proud of

I am proud that I have followed and stayed true to my gut.

On the type of woman she is

Passionate, curious, brazen.

On the best piece of advice she ever received

Start today . Just dive in.  You’ll figure everything out as you go.

Her advice to a women on her way

Be interested, not interesting!


Photographed by Sasha Reiss in Los Angeles, October 2018.

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