Meet This Girl Charlotte Hass


On her background

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I then went and studied art history and film studies at the College of Charleston.

On how she got her start in her career

I am currently working as a producer's assistant. In my spare time, I am a painter, photographer and art director.

Like most people in the entertainment industry, I have had a unique career path which has been full of trial and error, but I couldn't be happier with the direction I'm going in.

Prior to working in entertainment, I worked in Marketing for a mobile app in San Francisco as well as Public Relations for a womenswear company called Road Twenty Two. However as time went on, I found myself eagerly wanting to explore a career in entertainment, so I packed up my car and made the move to Los Angeles. I started out as a writers' PA on a TV show and then when that show ended, I landed another  job as a casting assistant and stayed in that position for over a year. I knew that I wanted to continue to explore other opportunities within the production side of the business, and eventually made the jump and starting getting production assistant jobs on feature films. In between projects, I have worked with friends on short films as an art director.


On the most exciting part of her job

I love the creative aspect of my job! It’s exciting to watch different projects come to life.

On the most difficult aspect of her job

Communication is key in any job and it can be especially tricky with all of the moving parts on a set. I try to be as open and honest as possible with my team and fellow crew members.

On the biggest career challenge she faced to date

When I first started out, I was afraid to ask questions or let people know that I needed help because I wanted to prove that I could problem solve on my own. That feeling was rooted in fear of failure and I shortly realized that if my mindset didn't shift, I would sabotage my own career. It is so important to have open and candid conversations with your co-workers always, but especially when it comes to troubleshooting something! Your success is their success and vice versa.

On a day in her life

My morning routine changes depending on what I am working on at that moment. If I am not working on set, I usually have more flexibility with my morning so after the alarm goes off - I put on my workout clothes and head to a boxing or pilates class. I try to workout on an empty stomach and then pick up a celery juice (yes, I have become that person) and make avocado toast.

If I am on set, the day consists of non-stop moving parts and managing different tasks that come up with cast & crew. The days vary depending on what is being shot, but I love getting to connect with different creatives and watch their visions come to life.


On how she recharges

I love to paint with watercolors in my downtime. I usually pair it with a TV show that I have been binging or a new playlist/podcast that I've found on Spotify. It really helps me unwind and take my mind off of things.

Boxing has also become a fun new hobby of mine. It’s a great way to blow off steam and it’s highly rewarding. I say don't knock it ‘till you try it. Pun intended?

On a rule she lives by

Always pay it forward.

On what inspires her

I feel incredibly grateful to have friends working on creative and eclectic projects in their own respective fields. I am constantly inspired by their work ethic, vision, and drive. There is no better inspiration than surrounding yourself with people who are passionate and committed to something.

On the women who inspire her

I look up to both of my grandmothers who have been trailblazers in their respective careers. I feel an immense amount of gratitude that I can continue to lean on them for wisdom and advice.

On something she would still love to learn

I want to learn how to play classical music on the piano or perhaps even take a few guitar lessons!  I'd also love to take a creative writing class.

On an accomplishment she’s proud of

Art directing 3 short films!

On the three traits she’s most proud to possess

I would describe myself as creative, reliable and ambitious.

On what the last year has taught her

Stop obsessing over the outcome of things you have no control over and trust your gut.

On the best advice she ever received

If you want to feel supported, you must support yourself.

On the worst piece of advice she ever received

If all else fails, go back to school.

On how she stays motivated

My dad alway said this quote and it still resonates with me today. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

On the biggest challenge women today face

Women today need to learn to stand confidently in their own success. Additionally, there is not enough institutional recognition of salary inequity.

Her advice to a girl on her way

Stay true to who you are. If you’re being your authentic self, you have no competition. Also, don’t forget to pay it forward!

Photographed by Sasha Reiss in Los Angeles, September 2018.

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