Meet This Girl Caroline Beckman


On her background

I am from Sacramento, California, which is where I was born and raised until I left for college at seventeen.

I went to the University of San Diego, and had planned to study international business. However, during my first few weeks of school, I jumped aboard the founding team of Suja Juice and ended up leaving school during my second year at USD to work at Suja Juice full-time.

On what she’s up to

I just soft-launched Nouri, a company that exists to increase mental and physical health globally. We are creating nutrition solutions that allow consumers to take a proactive, versus reactive approach to health each day. Our first product is a Probiotic and Omega blend that is focused on improving the health of your brain and body.

On what led her to Nouri

I have always loved the combination of business and nutrition. However,  there was a tangible "click" over the past year as I noticed the severity of the mental health battle we are fighting today as a society. I knew that better nutrition was key to reducing the symptoms of mental health disorders such as Anxiety and Depression, and so, I set off on a journey to research and develop products that would allow men and women all over the world to take a proactive versus a reactive approach to the daily health of their mind and body.

On what excites her

I am most excited about the conversation Nouri is starting. The products we are launching are just the cherry on top of a really important and necessary conversation we need to have as a society. I am excited to watch men and women globally reclaim control over their mind through enhanced nutrition and I am excited for Nouri and myself to be part of this important solution.  

On operating a health and wellness business

The simultaneous urgency and sensitivity of creating a business that operates in the health space is difficult. I treat everyday of my life and work as if it were both my first and last day.

Doing this personally challenges me to treat all of life’s moments with enhanced sensitivity and urgency. It also reminds me to remain kind, consistent and competitive.

I am in the business of helping consumers get to the root of their problems and that is always messy. However, it is also what I love most about what I am working on and the health and wellness industry.

On the challenge she’s working to overcome

The biggest challenge of my life has been adjusting the posture of my hand from a clinched, controlling fist, to an open hand of generously stewarding the call upon my life. I had to release my desire for control and success in order to step into the freedom of building a career that has the potential to extend far beyond myself.  

On a day in her life

I am a morning person. I usually get up between four and five. I believe in the concept of first fruits. I am all about using my best energy and resources in the areas where I need it the most.

I take the first hour of every single day to read. I like to really pour knowledge into my mind and allow myself to wake up with that quiet time.  After that, I usually workout and then dive into work.

I'm a big believer in ending each day that I can around the people I care most about. This past year I have rearranged my schedule to ensure I am consistently seeing the people I love - that’s what makes me happy and recharges my soul.

On how she lives her life

A phrase that I live by is “faith makes a fool of what makes sense.” Also, I try to criticize by creating. I think that creating solutions, creating differences, creating a better future is how we should criticize. That's something that I have really been meditating and focusing on this past year.

On what inspires her

I am inspired by the daily opportunity to change what is for the sake of what could be.

On a woman that inspires her

Christine Caine started an amazing organization called A21, which fights to end human trafficking in the 21st century. Human trafficking, which is essentially the buying and selling of human beings, is the fastest growing crime right now in the world. Christine works so tirelessly on such a hard, dark and heartbreaking problem in such a consistent and bright way.  A21 is not just providing education and awareness about human trafficking, but they are prosecuting people and taking legal action to hold those involved in human trafficking accountable for their actions.  

On an accomplishment she’s proud of

I am proud of my consistency. I battle anxiety and I have always said that consistency is the enemy of anxiety. To remain consistent with myself is something that I am extremely proud of.

On something people would be surprised to learn about her

Many people don't know that I was homeschooled for eight years and didn't attend a proper school until high school. I believe much of my personality of being a self-starter was developed during these early years of heightened independence.

On the three traits she’s most proud to possess

I would describe myself as consistent, kind and very curious.

On the one thing she would have done differently

There are some moments in my life that I look back on and wish I would have slowed down and savored. My personality type moves quickly, which is why I believe that I have been successful with creating and building businesses so far. However, there are definitely some moments that I wish I would have been able to still still in and fully absorb.

On the best piece of advice she ever received

The best piece of advice I ever received was to realize that my life's meaning goes beyond any time and space confinement.

On the worst piece of advice she ever received

The worst advice I ever received was that my life is a destiny versus a legacy. I was coached in a way that my life ended with what I personally achieved and accomplished. Now, I focus on each day and piece of work as a part of a legacy that will be carried on long after I am here on this planet. I know that what I am working on is bigger than me.

On the biggest challenge women today face

I believe the biggest battle women today face is the health of our minds. We are the most capable, resourced and educated generation of women ever. There is no shortage of opportunity for us. The challenge we face is learning how to take autonomy over the thoughts in our heads and disarm any feelings of anxiety, depression, comparison, and doubt.

Her advice to a girl on her way

Be kind, raise your hand and learn the art of speaking the truth in love.

Additionally, brag behind people’s back. Don’t forget to bring up those around you.

Photographed by Sasha Reiss in Los Angeles, October 2018.

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