Meet This Girl Can Run The World's Founder, Kitty Schur



Welcome to the very beginning of what I hope will be an exciting, purposeful and impactful journey.

I am so proud to introduce you to This Girl Can Run The World, a digital community and editorial platform designed to celebrate, advocate, motivate and educate ambitious, hard-working girls across all ages, backgrounds, and industries who are on their way up in their career.

Instead of just profiling Influencers, CEOs and Executives, This Girl Can Run The World will shine a spotlight on the real cool girls and role models of our society who may otherwise go unheard.

This is a hard letter to write. How do you put into words something that means so much to you? How do you put into words the feeling that is evoked when something you have poured your whole heart and soul into comes to fruition?  I’m sure I’ll forget to say something. I’m sure this letter won’t be everything I want it to be. However, that’s okay. This is just day one.

This Girl Can Run The World launches today—right now—and will be the beginning, I hope, of a new era of acceptance and empowerment. I hope this era ushers in opportunities for discovery and advancement for women all over the world fueled by the reach and prowess of social and digital media.

This Girl Can Run The World wants to get to know you as you are today. We want to sit alongside you through every bump and turn of your journey. We want to be your support system, your confidant, your hype-girl, your biggest fan. We want to celebrate your journey with you.

Today This Girl Can Run The World launches featuring seven incredible, strong and brilliant girls from all walks of life, who have done and will continue to do incredible things. These are girls who are on their way up in their career. I hope you enjoy getting to know these extraordinary girls as much as I have and I hope that This Girl Can Run The World becomes your new go-to spot for encouragement, motivation, advice, and support.

At This Girl Can Run The World we believe that the time is now. We believe girls should abandon the pursuit of perfection and instead prioritize progress. We believe that A Win for thisGirl is A Win for Every Girl and we believe that no matter what stage you are at in your life, you should be heard and you deserve to be celebrated.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I know it’s just the beginning, but...

We’re On Our Way.


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